Underneath everything we think, feel and do...

...is a stone-age body operating in a modern world. 

I am invited to speak at a wide range of conferences, retreats, panels, and events. The topics range from my activism and academic research, to my consulting and personal brand. The common thread through these engagements is that life is much more understandable and manageable when we realize how many of our thoughts, feelings and actions are affected by our evolutionary history. During each talk I attempt to not only make science more accessible, but to show how it can be used to solve the problems we face in our everyday lives and societies. 

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • February 20th-21st @ Phoenix, AZ, AZ WAVE Conference, Keynote Speaker
  • Sunday, February 22nd @ Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak in Phoenix, AZ, NOW Blood Disorders Conference, "Behavioral Management of Pain."


Evolutionary Medicine  |  Social Susceptibility  |  Placebo and Nocebo Studies  |  Pain  |  Stress  |  Coping Mechanisms  |  Why Belonging Matters  |  Evolution, Religion, and Health  |  Evolutionary Psychology of Religion  |  The Social Truth of Religion  |  Religious Gender Inequality  |  Mormon Women's History, Resistance, and Activism  |  Person-Centered & Evidence Based Research & Design 


In The Evolutionary Roots of Religious Adaptation, Chelsea Shields explains the evolutionary psychology of religion as a by-produce of adaptations that evolved for other purposes and as an adapted coping mechanism for our increasingly complicated intellectual, social and emotional environments. -Original airdate: 04/29/2014