Latest Projects


UX Insights & Design: Provide user insights for product design and marketing. Recommend specific motivations that most effectively and strategically multiply probability and amount of charitable giving.

Blue Oaks

Content Management: Collaborate with client and team to integrate brand, content and design strategies in a website redesign. 


Health Expert & UX Insights (Medical Device) Design: Provide expert insights into the physiological and psychological health 
impact of medical technologies, wearables, design, communications and procedures. I conduct ethnography on health-based user-experiences and provide teams and clients with the most up-to-date evidence-based secondary research on key health problems and solutions.

University of Utah


Strategic Planning & Insights: Sought out to provide scientific and cultural insight into the neuroscience of religion for the “Religious Brain Project.” Invited to deliver the kickoff talk. 


Research & Strategy: Work with various clients and teams. Utilize myriad skills: research pilot creation and analysis, qualitative interviews, product development, business development, brand development and strategy, customer relations, consensus building, website re-design, site maps, and wire frames, etc. 

Ordain Women

Community Management: Manage the online and direct action strategy, planning and logistics for over a thousand of members. Build, develop, engage and manage community and communications.


Independent Research

Research & Grant Writing: Conducted independent anthropological research in field settings for over 13 years. Acquired grants and fellowships to fund research


Instruction and Course Design: Taught University courses for over 8+ years. Created curriculum, ran labs, designed lectures, discussions and activities and advised students. Courses: Medical Anthropology, Biological & Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, and Anthropology of American Culture.

Field Study Facilitator

Leadership and Planning: Created and designed the BYU Ghana Medical Anthropology Field Study Abroad Program. Recruited and taught students. Led program, oversaw student research projects, accommodation, travel, safety and host relations in Ghana, West Africa.