Evidence based and person-centered...

...design, messaging, products, brands, and decisions generate massive value.

Everyday you need to make critical decisions without enough information. 

You need to understand client, user and customer perspectives, desires, and needs without being able to engage directly with them. 

You need efficient internal brand alignment and operational workflow but do not have time to keep up to date on the latest social psychology research on human motivation and behavioral adjustment incentives.

You WANT to make the most evidence-based, person-centered, and value-enhancing decisions possible, but don't have the time, ability, or access needed to do so. 

Here is how I can help: I have the ideal training--in qualitative, primary, and secondary research--to get you the information you need at the speed you need it! With over a decade of experience in ethnographic and mixed research methodologies I am able to provide thorough client centered customer insights and the latest statistically significant and peer reviewed research findings quickly and comprehensively. Making decisions without a clear sense of the competitive landscape, scientific literature, and ethnographic experience wastes critical resources. 

You will get more of the outcomes you want with me on your team. 

Skills & Expertise

  • RESEARCH: Qualitative, quantitative, primary, secondary, design, analysis, and supervision.
  • STRATEGY: Brand, UX, concept development, product development, communication, and operational effectiveness. 
  • BRAND: Strategy, development, training, implementation, and management.
  • USER EXPERIENCE: Research, insights, strategy, and concept development. 
  • CONTENT: Design, management, information architecture, narrative construction, sitemaps, and copywriting.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Client services, relationship management, customer insights, conference keynote presentations, regular speaking invitations, audience engagement, and community organizing.
  • COMMUNICATION: Integrated marketing communication, social medial platforms, presenting, grant and technical writing. 
  • TOPICAL EXPERTISE: Health, culture, social psychology, and behavioral motivations/incentives.

Recent Clients

Lexus | Toyota | Parrot Drones | Exceptional Children's Foundation | PBS | Audi | Utah Women Unite | Forte Acai | Makana | OSI | Entreat | Uncorked Studios | Blue Oak School | One4All | Boncom | Deseret News | BYU Alumni | Deseret Industries | University of Utah: Religious Brain Project | Ordain Women | LDS WAVE | Mean Mugs | Shalini Kantayya, ent. | Re/mark | 

Featured Projects


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