Good strategy is the currency of change...

...because it does not matter if you are right, if you are not effective. 

Nothing has ever changed by staying silent. I believe in working toward a more just and equitable society via meaningful consciousness raising and direct action activism. All leaders, messages or convictions are not equal- some are more effective than others. I use social movement theory and proven applied techniques to organize communities toward effective and beneficial change. 

Featured Positions Held

  • Ordain Women: COO Chief Operating Officer, Brand and Strategic Planning, Executive Board, Founding Member, Spokesperson: 
  • Mormons for ERA: President and Founder: 
  • LDS WAVE: Women Advocating for Voice & Equality: Founding Member, Board of Directors, Former President, Ask a Feminist Columnist:
  • Exponent II Blog and Magazine: Perma Blogger, Former Global Zion Editor:
  • The Mormon Women's Roundtable: Panelist and Founding Member:
  • The White House Mormon Democrat Youth Roundtable: Panelist
  • The F-Word: A Documentary of Mormon Feminism: Associate Producer
  • Kente Cloth for School Fees: Founder and Director

Skills & Expertise

Direct action community organizing  |  Online community organizing  |  Audience engagement  |  Large group logistics and operations management  |  Brand strategy and management  |  Integrated marketing communications  |  Social media platforms  |  Website administrator  |  Project management  |  Public speaking  |  Client relations  |  Volunteer recruitment


We are Women Rally on the West Lawn of the Capital Building, Washington DC. Chelsea Shields Strayer speech 5:20-9:25 mins.

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